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Thanks for stopping by hearts & beets! My name is Rachel and I’m a Holistic Nutritionist in Caledon, Ontario, with a focus on culinary nutrition. In other words, I love food! I’m all about balance and don’t apply any labels to the way I eat, but I’m always experimenting with vegan, paleo and gluten-free recipes in my kitchen, so you’ll see lots of those #ontheblog!

I certainly have not always eaten this way and have not always had a positive relationship with food.

In my teenage years I struggled with disordered eating habits, which set me on a path of yo-yo dieting, over-exercising and binge eating (and drinking) for years. It wasn’t until a minor health issue led me to my first naturopath that I realized the connection between the food you eat and your overall health.

At first I ignored most of what she told me and instead travelled across the world and became the most unhealthy version of myself, both physically and mentally. I ate like garbage, felt like garbage and used food and other substances to self-medicate my sometimes crippling anxiety.

When I returned home I realized it was finally time for a change. That was only the beginning of my journey, it has been a slow and steady course, with many stumbles along the way. I’m still always learning.

After studying nutrition and graduating from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto my view of health and nutrition completely changed. I realized that after years of struggling with food and my weight that I had missed the most important thing: the emotional and spiritual connection.

I named my blog hearts & beets, mostly for my love of beets, but it’s really taken on a new meaning for me. You can eat all the beets you want, but if you’re not looking after your heart and I mean really doing the work, then all the beets in the world ain’t gonna do shit. Whole health is the delicate balance between body, mind and soul. If one piece is missing from the puzzle, it is incomplete.

I’ve learned that the long (and hard) way.

Drinking green smoothies won’t make you love yourself. Eating kale salads won’t mend your aching heart. Cutting out gluten won’t make you less resentful, and homemade nut milk may bring temporary joy, but will not fill the the space where sadness lingers.

The hard part about this journey is that no two look the same, there’s no roadmap and it takes a lot of courage. There are certainly teachers and guides who can help along your way, and that’s where I come in. Check out how you can work with me to see if we’re the right fit.

meal delivery caledon

Where am I at now? I‘m still a work in progress, even as a certified holistic nutritionist, my diet isn’t perfect. But what’s a perfect diet anyway?





What’s best for you is not necessarily best for the next person. And at the end of the day, sometimes the most nourishing thing for me is a glass of red wine and some homemade pizza, gluten free of course 😉

I’m all about crafting recipes that are simple and easy to follow. Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating. If I taught myself to cook, trust me when I say that anyone can. You’ve got to start somewhere!

Being in the kitchen is my happy place, but when I’m not there you may find me yoga-ing, snuggling with my love and my kitties, or frolicking the woods of Ontario.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

hearts & beets,


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