gluten free chocolate BEET waffles + one year of country living

protein waffles

I think it’s pretty apparent that I love beets, I mean… hearts & beets, ya know? When I saw a recipe for bright red beet waffles I got super excited, but then I got to thinking about adding chocolate and got a little distracted. I had to forgo the bright beautiful colour in order to make these gluten free chocolate beet waffles instead, but it was oh so worth it. They taste like a super rich fudgey cake and with some local maple syrup and strawberries on top, it’s like dessert for breakfast, mmmMMM.

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paleo pumpkin spice blondies

grain-free blondies

Tis the season to pumpkin-ize all the things! I’m not exactly what one might classify as “basic”, but I guess the autumnal season brings out a little basic-ness in all of us (aka pumpkin spice love). What better to pumpkin-ize than the basic brownie counterpart… BLONDIES! Here are the easiest and best ever paleo pumpkin spice blondies, that also happen to be vegan and gluten free  #basic

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My Story Part 2, or On Feeling Like a Healthy Yogi Phony

Sometimes I feel like a phony. Going around touting the awesomeness that is yoga and healthy eating, when I certainly haven’t always been this way. I recently posted about How I Lost 40 Pounds Without Dieting. What I didn’t really talk much about was my old lifestyle. I’m sure anyone who knew me in high school, university or my stint teaching English in South Korea would think I was full of shit. Well I did use to be, literally (i.e. poop).

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My Story Part 1, or How I Lost 40 Pounds Without Dieting

My “before” picture doesn’t look terrible. I was just a normal twenty-something gal livin’ it up. However, my lifestyle was extremely toxic and my depression and anxiety were out of control. I experienced high highs and low lows and felt extremely insecure. I hated my body and I had no self worth.

So now for the spoiler alert, before I go on and on about healthy eating and exercise. The only reason I finally dropped those extra pounds for good is this:

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