avocado matcha truffles + 20 random things about me

matcha green tea truffle

This recipe combines all of my favourite things; avocado, matcha, cacao butter, ginger and honey. These super rich avocado matcha truffles are the perfect little after dinner treat. As someone with a massive sweet tooth, all I needed was one of these little suckers to satisfy my sweet craving. With minimal ingredients and super quick to whip up, these are the perfect late night sweet treat, and hey, it’s St Patrick’s Day, so there’s that too.

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How to eat jicama

what is jicama

What the heck is a jicama?

Ji-what-a? Pronounced hee-kah-ma, this hearty root veggie is also known as a yam bean. It is part of the legume family and grows on vines in Central American, South Asian, and the Caribbean. It has a rough brownish outside resembling a turnip, but once you peel off the skin, the inside is crisp and white like an apple. If you’ve never tasted jicama, imagine if an apple and a potato made a baby – not too sweet and just the right amount of crunch.

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