How to eat jicama

what is jicama

What the heck is a jicama?

Ji-what-a? Pronounced hee-kah-ma, this hearty root veggie is also known as a yam bean. It is part of the legume family and grows on vines in Central American, South Asian, and the Caribbean. It has a rough brownish outside resembling a turnip, but once you peel off the skin, the inside is crisp and white like an apple. If you’ve never tasted jicama, imagine if an apple and a potato made a baby – not too sweet and just the right amount of crunch.

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strawberry rhubarb crumble smoothie

healthy smoothie

I feel a little bit naughty calling this a smoothie. When I think of smoothies, I think of a nutritious meal substitute that is packed with veggies and greens. Truthfully, this is more like a milkshake. It’s THAT good. Would I have it or breakfast? Not so much. Would I have it when I’m needing a sweet treat to cool me down on a hot summer night? Abso-f*cking-lutely. Pardon my french.

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coconut lemon curd parfait

vegan coconut milk parfait

Now this is a sweet summer treat if I do say so myself. The word “curd” is pretty gross though, eh? No positive connotations associated with that one… I guess I could have done without it in the title of this post, but a curd is a curd!

Combining the flavours of coconut, lemon, raspberry and a pie-toppingly-good crumble, it’s the vegan queen of tarts.

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